My opponent was a man I never played before, I had White. He chose Ruy and played Bc5 after a6, here is the game . I had a pretty clear plan with c3, d3, but his Ne7 forced me to change it to d4. Interesting that I saw the standard sacrifice on f7 even before he played Bg4, just had a feeling that he could do it. He told me after the game, that as soon as he played Bg4 he saw Bxf7+. That explains why he replied Kf8 very fast.

The funny thing is I could get advantage even earlier by playing 10. Ng5, didn’t see it.  Anyway, I calculated the sacrifice, saw that I will lose d4 pawn (Friz shows a nice way to avoid it by 12. Bd5) and decided that I will be better. His king was a clear target and I started to develop attack. His Nf5 gave me a tempo, his position became very difficult to defend.

I saw his d4 with the idea of Queen’s check (he confirmed that after the game) before he played it, but reply 26. f6 looked strong enough. At this moment I knew that I am close to finish. Strange, that he let me make a move with a second queen, though he resigned right after that. It was a forced mate in a few moves.