I came to the club in a good shape and mood and left behind all the recent losses. They changed  time control and introduced 30 seconds increment in the middle section too, I thought it was good.

I got the guy with whom I had a draw in the past. I decided even before the start that I will play Queen’s Indian on his d4 and that’s exactly what happened, here is the game. It was actually Accelerated Queen’s Indian, because I wanted it even if he plays 3. Nc3, not just 3. Nf3. I tried to improve comparing with the game I played a week before. His decision to castle queenside looked suspicious to me. I started to prepare c5 which looked strong to me. He definitely saw it, didn’t like  and spent a lot of time thinking how to prevent it, but it was not possible. Computer suggests I could play it even earlier than I did.

His b4 definitely wasn’t a good idea. I finally played c5 and his position started to deteriorate. I missed 25… Nc3+, i.e. I saw it and thought that he will go to f1, didn’t see Qa1+. After 27. Ke1 I found the tactics, funny that being carried away by the idea of winning the rook I missed that in the middle of that line I could actually win the queen. Anyway it was enough to win.