I didn’t play well lately and really wanted to get back on track. I had White and my opponent chose Philidor defense, which I actually prepared for another player. Here is the game.  After his c5 I decided to play Ne2 to let my “f” pawn free, DB recommends Nf5. Instead of f4 computer recommends Nf4, taking d5 under control.

I missed f6 on move 21, saw it a move later, when it didn’t force exchange on g7. Then after 23. h4 h5 I wanted to play g4, so I started to move my queen. I think he saw it, so he prevented it by Qe6.  It seemed me that I have an attack, but I didn’t.  I think he realized it, because he started a counterattack on the queenside. I underestimated it, then it was late. It was kind of a psychological shock, when his rooks suddenly doubled on “b”. I didn’t find right defensive moves, which could hold  the position and in two moves the game was basically over.  I prolonged it until he got 2 queens and then lost on time.

I was very upset after this game. A little consolation was a fine shootout game that Houdini won against Fritz, which started after 25. h4 h5.  Houdini knew that it has to exchange  the bishops, I thought about it after the game. Then it implemented Rf5 idea, I thought about it a lot, but didn’t find the right moment. Then it just outmaneuvered Fritz using an advantage in space, the thing I also considered.