I came to the club with  a strong desire to win. I got White, here is the game.  In the beginning it went smoothly, with me having more active position. I eventually organized a pawn push with f4, f5 and here I missed Bc4 playing an obvious fxg6. I played Bc4 later and he still made a mistake allowing my queen to get to h6, but I didn’t see it. Then the position became equal, then he missed Bxg6. After that his position was quickly deteriorating.

My attack was developing, I didn’t have much time left, probably a bit more than 5 minutes when after playing Qh5 I saw Re7+ idea with a mate. It was too late, he played Rd7. I tried to find a knockout punch, he had about a minute left, I had about too. He played strangely looking Qb1, I wondered why would he do that and continued with my idea of check on f7. To my horror he played Qh1+ and I realized that missed the win. I intuitively felt that I shouldn’t go to g5 with my king – seeing the bishop check, I found later it was simply losing. So, we repeated the moves  and agreed to a draw.

My major fault in this game was probably not leaving enough time for the final part, the time became a crucial factor in the game.