It was the same opponent I played a month ago, again I had White, again Ruy Lopez. This time I decided not to allow Open variation, so played d3, here is the game. I got a somewhat passive position after the opening, then after Nf4 he started to think heavily, I knew it was about Nxg2. I didn’t think I should be afraid or could prevent it, so just moved another knight there. He had only 25 minutes left, when he did play it.

I miscalculated the threats after Kh1 and played Kg1, it was worse. After Be5 I thought for a moment that this is it, but found f4. After Rh5 I saw Bxf7, but also saw that I can attack the rook with Bd1 and liked it more. Finally he had to give up an exchange and I started to think that I have a chance to win, especially taking into account his time trouble. This time I didn’t want to be nice, I wanted to win, I was sure he didn’t think about a draw when sacrificed on g2.

I played rather obvious and not the best moves, starting from 33. fxg6+. He didn’t use it and eventually blundered with 38… Qg7. He had no more than minute left at this time, I had much more. The game was over after that and after a few moves he resigned.

Interesting that he joked before the game that Russians are playing with Canadians, good that it’s not hockey. I got it after I looked around and on the left there was a Russian speaking boy I know well and on the right there was a Russian-speaking man I played once. Funny that the boy drew and we won,  so the score was 2.5:0.5,  though  I have to add that we all had White.