This game was like a home game in hockey. I had White and played with one of the organizers (due to an odd number of players) rated ~1660. I absolutely had to win. In the standings before the last round I was in the place opposite where I should have been and had a perspective to lose a lot of rating points.  So, again Sicilian, Moscow variation, here is the game.

It was 4… Nd7, against which I am +3. I repeated the scheme with c3, d4, Qe2, she developed the bishop on e7 and was doing OK. I missed 20… Ba3, but she didn’t take a pawn and played Bf8, being wary of h5-h6. I think I looked at Qd3,Ng5 moves, but definitely didn’t see the decisive Qd3-h3 maneuver. I played Qd3 one move later, but the opportunity was lost.

I continued to attack on the kingside, but she defended very well. Then I saw that my queen can get into the Black’s territory. Of course I considered winning b5 pawn, but I didn’t like that her queen gets on “c” vertical and then into my territory. Houdini says that I could get the pawn, even two and still defend my king. Then I missed 45.  dxc5, thinking that I can lose that c5 pawn later. It was a winning move. Anyway I got an idea to regroup my knight and try to get it on f6. She could prevent it with Qh4, but didn’t. She was also in the time trouble, having something like 4 minutes vs. my 7. When I put my knight on f6 Black’s position became indefensible. After Qa7+ the game was decided.