My last game was a confirmation of this Russian proverb.  My opponent was a Russian-speaking man, expert. He had White, here is the game.  I knew that he plays d4, c4, I didn’t want to try Benko against solid 2000+ guy and decided to play Grunfeld again (despite of my mishap with the first try) and use my freshly acquired knowledge.

My Nd7 was a scarce move with a low score, still I was OK. The first crucial moment came when after 18. Nf4 Bb7 I saw his e5, e6 coming, but after calculation I found the way out of it with Qxc8.
He thought a lot on his 22. d5, but I expected it to be fine after Bxd5. I am glad that I decided to think carefully about Bxe5 and saw that it loses.

I think my 27… Nc5 was a turning point, then Qd4 forced him to exchange the queens. He had twice less time than me, but the position became simpler. After exchange on the queenside there was nothing left to fight for, he realized that after some kingside play and acknowledged it.

I was happy after the game. Houdini didn’t spoil my euphoria, it was a clean game, it didn’t find any mistakes from the both sides. Two shootouts between Fritz and Houdini starting from 18. Nf4 both ended in a draw.