Unexpectedly I get White, my opponent is the young guy I played with 7 months ago and won in the endgame. So, he plays Sicilian d6, here is the game. His answer 4… Nxd7 I do not consider very good, since the knight has nothing to do on d7. I won before 2 games with 4.. Nxd7.  When I play 11. Rd1 the purpose is not only to defend d4 pawn, but rather X-ray on “d” vertical, seeing that after e5 he can’t exchange pawns because his knight on d7 is hanging.

Then he plays 11… Rac8 and I start to calculate e5. I see Nd5 and e6, arising exchange on f7 and e7 is defended by rook. Still I feel that I should play it. He plays Ne8 quickly, I have to say that he plays too fast, spending only about 10 minutes by that time. After Nd5 it suddenly appears to me that his e7 square is in a great danger.  I see that after 14. exd6 I can fork him, but then I don’t like 14… e6 instead of exd6. For some reason I don’t see that Ne7+ is still possible because pawn on d6 protects e7.

Anyway, my Bg5 is not worse, I clearly see that there is no defense. He, quickly again, plays Bf6. I win an exchange, then plan on exchanging the queens, but change my mind thinking that I can just win without going into endgame. It proves to be the right idea, as he blunders in a few more moves and gets under double attack from my queen.

I am happy to win, also to save time as we spent only an hour. I still do not understand how it is possible to spend 15 minutes on 20 moves, I spent about 40.