It was the same person I expected, the guy to whom I lost twice. I went over our last game, Italian. So, he gets White and we play the same variation, here is the game. The difference is that he plays Nf1 before the castle. It strikes me as slow and risky and I play d5 right away. I feel that I have some advantage with better placed pieces. His play looks heavier than in previous games and he spends more time than me.

I manage to play Nf5, forcing exchange soon. When he plays 25. c4 I think for a moment that I am in a big trouble, because it looks like I lose a bishop on b6 after c5. Then I find Bxg2. He gets worse and he realizes it. I do not play the best 28… Bd4, because I think that my bishop will be hanging there. Then he misses a chance to equalize with 33. Kg2.

His Qxf4 is a game losing mistake. We both have 20 minutes left at this time. I see 34… Bc7 and that I can get back my bishop, but it seems me that his passed pawn could be strong. I decide to choose a safer continuation, strongly believing that I can win the arising opposite-colored bishops endgame.
It goes smoothly, I almost blitz and after another 11 moves he resigns.
He looks disappointed, I almost want to say – “You expected to win 3rd time?”, of course I never say it.

Computer tells me that several times I let my advantage slip away and I that after 34…. Bc7 my passed pawn was much stronger than his,  so … we are not computers. At least during the game I had advantage most of the time and never was worse.