I played with a guy to whom I lost about a 3 years ago. I had White, it was my Moscow variation in Sicilian, here is the game. He was the first out of about a dozen of people that I played Moscow to play Qg4 with  a desire to win  a pawn. I played quickly O-O and then d4, trying to intimidate him by showing that it is not  a blunder. It is considered as a line giving White an advantage. My knowledge ended there and I had to play myself. His move 7… b6 was bad I think as well as 10… Qd7. After his 11… e5 there was a forced win after 12. Nxe5. I didn’t see it. Strange, I think I started to consider Nxe5 or Bxe5 only after he played c6 and Nc6, so it was not possible already.

16. Qc2 was beginning of a wrong plan of attacking his queenside. I think Houdini’s plan with a3 and f4 is essentially better. I continued my bad play by putting my queen on a5. It was still equal until I got too excited with the  idea of trapping his knight (forcing it to a2). After he played the long awaited move Be7 I quickly played a3?? and after his same quick Bd8 I saw with a horror that my queen is trapped. The game could be ended right there, I just decided to prolong the agony.

I don’t know what to think about this game. I played really well in the beginning and then the combination that I missed wasn’t easy to spot, since the queens were exchanged and you don’t want to do that when you have an attack. The worst was the blunder, not only I played too fast, not evaluating the position after his move, also I had to feel that my queen was not positioned very well.