I played with this guy before and lost with Black in King’s gambit. This time I had White, played Ruy Lopez and he answered with Berlin defense, here is the game. I am not a fan of it, so I decided to go into a calm waters of d3, c3 variation. He played Nc6-e7, it’s a well known Mortimer variation with a trap (if you take on e5, then c6 and Qa4+). I smiled and castled.

I was OK until I played d4 and he replied dxe4. I considered Nxe5, but then preferred Nxe4. As soon as I played it, I saw f5 coming. He played then e4 and I had to dig myself out of the hole. Qh5 was a good step in this direction. I can’t believe how I missed 23. Bxh6. I considered it, but then only Qxh6, didn’ t see Qg6+. Then on move 25 I considered only Nf4 Qh4, didn’t see Nf6. So I lost a pawn.

By playing 27. f4 I tried to stop his threats on the kingside. I didn’t get anything out of my c4 move and was just hanging on, when he gave me a bit of air letting my rook to c8. With all the plans for getting my queen somewhere there I missed Rc6, I already didn’t have much time. The game was decided and Bc1 put it to an end.