I came yesterday to the club with a strong desire to win. I had to improve my standing, otherwise my rating was going down. I got unexpected White with an expected opponent, man, probably 40+, So Sicilian, Rossolimo variation, here is the  game.  He misplayed the opening and already after move 10 he gave up a pawn.  He tried to organize counterattack on the kingside. I spent probably too much time on thinking about breakthrough d5, then decided just defend for now. It was all good until move 26, except time. I had I think less than a half an hour, he had more. I decided that I don’t have time to win an endgame (this club is just 90/SD), so I played 27. g4. After the game I told him, that I think it was a mistake and it was. Most importantly, I gave him some chances instead of just strangling him.

After he played 29… f4 tactical complications started. I pinned his bishop in a  few moves, but miscalculated with exchange on h3. He played Bf1 and as soon as he took his hand off the bishop he loudly regretted it, saying he should have played Bf5. Yes, I saw only Bf1 and was losing after Bf5. Anyway, I got an advantage, but didn’t have much time left, probably less than 5 minutes. I realized that I should stop writing the moves when I had a bit more than 2 minutes. He had maybe 9-10 minutes, so I got a bad feeling. I tried to keep my rooks on one line and eventually started to move my king into his territory. The only idea I had was to somehow attack his king, I didn’t have time for anything else.

When I had about 35 seconds, I took his “e” pawn with a rook, suddenly he took my king and shouted that he won. It was an illegal move, leaving me under check. He wanted TD, I tried to stop the clock,  didn’t press “pause” right away and lost 7 seconds. Then TD (actually the guy who just decided to replace him) said, that he gets 2 minutes and I get a warning. We finally agreed and resumed the game. I got mad and decided to play until the bitter end. He took my “a” pawn and I managed to win his three pawns. Then I saw that I have a mate on “a6”  with a rook. He didn’t prevent it, so I played Ra6 and he shouted that the move is illegal (my rook was pinned). This time we resumed right away, I played different move and then he suddenly took the rook with the queen and when I recaptured, he said loudly with disappointment: “Draw!”. My clock was showing 5 seconds left. I nodded I think and the game ended. I was in such a state that couldn’t really understand what just happened. I asked the people around and they told me, that it was a stalemate after my move. They said that probably a mate was coming and he saw it.

I restored the position at home, it looked like this. Computer found a nice win with a rook sacrifice, I intended to move the “b” pawn, don’t know if I had actually time to mate him.

I thought about the second illegal move, weren’t the people too supportive of me  (they didn’t like his behavior) . I read the FIDE rules, they say:

“… for the first two illegal moves by a player the arbiter shall give two minutes extra time to his opponent in each instance; for a third illegal move by the same player, the arbiter shall declare the game lost by this player.”

So, everything went according to the rules (it is good to know them by the way).