Yesterday, I come to the club after two weeks break. I am paired with the boy I played some time ago and won in BDG with Black. Same story, I have Black, he plays 1. d4 and 2. Nc3, then deviates with f3, here is the game. Soon it transforms into something very French-like. My 10…  Na3 is not good, I am afraid that after 10… Nc6 11. dxc5 bxc5 he can attack my “c5” pawn, but 10… cxd4 doesn’t come to my mind.

For some time I am on defensive and 15… f6 is another not good move. Then after 18… Nc5 I feel that I start to intercept the initiative. Playing long planned 26… Nd5 I miss Qc6. I see right away that his 28. Ba6 is bad and find Rc3. Then the most critical moment of the game comes. I see Rx3 and finally play it, but I do not calculate the following 34… Qd8 winning the game. I think I saw it, but it’s a queen! Never mind that I take on e3 with a check. I think it’s somewhere here, after taking on d4, he offers a draw. I refuse. Then I see a plan with e3 sacrifice and execute it. I pursue his king and want to force an endgame which with a passed “h” pawn looks good. He suddenly plays 47. Qd6. This move looks very strong to me, I see that he threatens with perpetual or even mate. I am behind on time. I eventually win “c4” pawn, but still do not see how I actually can win. I consider Qc5, but then see that he can win e6 pawn and continue with checks.

After move 54 he offers a draw again. I make some unclear sign and start to think. He has 28 minutes, I, after a couple of minutes of thinking, go down to 6. I feel that I won’t be able to stand a loss – on time or making a mistake on a flag in this game which I think I played pretty well and agree to a draw. Of course when I come home, I see that I had an advantage, but the most disappointing thing is to see how I missed a win after Rxe3.