My guess about my possible opponent was right, so his 1. b3  (here is the game) wasn’t surprise to me. I had one Nimzo-Larsen before, at Canadian Open, when I drew with 2000+ WCM, so the experience was good. I came to this game having 6 losses in a row, it’s a record I think, and though four of them were against 2000+ rated players, still… There were 2 things that I mixed up about my opponent – first I thought he is rated  1600+ and second, that I played with him last season and painfully lost, blundering in a better position in time trouble. It seemed very strange to me, that he played very slowly, the  first time he played embarrassingly fast. It looked like another person, and I found out later it was. 🙂

Anyway, I got an advantage in the opening. Then his coming c4 kind of slowed me down, but I thought that e4 in this situation will be good and it was. It was an inertia, I think, that I continued to think about my hanging pieces and didn’t see that I can take on d4 with a bishop and win a pawn. I wasn’t afraid of his queenside pawns and started to prepare the attack on the kingside.

At some moment the position became “Marshall-like”, with this h2-g3-f2 pawn structure and no pieces defending the kingside. I didn’t get good results OTB with Marshall and stopped playing it, and now here I get something like another chance.

OK, so I started to play this position accordingly.  f4, f5 to open the “f” vertical was typical. Here the same inertia caused me to miss Bf3 after his Qc2. Of course I thought about mate on g2 before, but then when I realized that his queen can come to the rescue, I concentrated on opening “f” line and forgot about g2.  h5 was taken from Ivanchuk’s or Aronian’s Marshall game. I was thinking about typical (for Marshall attack) Bxg3 sacrifice and his 27. Ne2 gave me the necessary tempo for that.  I calculated until seeing Bd1+, winning the queen. I had to slow down first when I played Kh7  (thanks to h5) and after Bd1+, feeling that there is something and it was a mate on f4. Interesting, that after 29… Bxh2+ there was a mate in 8. I looked at Bxh2+, but it seemed that the king was escaping.