First I thought that it happened with me for the first time, but no, I remembered this post:

I resigned there, though later I found out I could win. I even said that it’s good it was online blitz, not OTB. This time it was OTB, I played with the guy I played the first round of Canadian Open and drew in 80 moves.  He remembered it and we talked a bit about CO. So, I had Black  again, this time it was Ruy Lopez, here is the game. He chose Exchange variation, I think I have a 1.5:0.5 score in it with Black, never played it with White. After we exchanged the queens, the game started to remind me the first game, the same pure positional play.

I wasn’t sure I archived a good positioning of my pieces in the opening, but after knights exchange and his rook going to f5 I had a feeling that I improved it. Then I got an idea of catching his rook, it was naive probably, but when his rook got stuck at f4 I thought that I can use it and I am essentially better. I was too optimistic, forgetting that my rook also can’t leave the 5th line because of e5 and also not seeing his Ng6, supporting e5 too. So, this overestimation lead to the pawn movement on the queenside, which I regretted later, since it just created weaknesses.

After e5 he successfully untangled his rook and I realized that my king is not in a good position because of the constant mate thread. It forced me to exchange the rooks, though I thought that I am going to have a tough endgame. The engines are OK with this exchange and look pretty optimistically at this endgame. Nevertheless soon I got a bad feeling that my bishop became not so good as it was. After his king went to the kingside I saw that I am losing the “a” pawn. With the addition of  “e5” passed pawn my position looked hopeless. I still had about 12 minutes (with 30 seconds increment), but I decided not to prolong my suffering and resigned. After the game my only thought was where I let him go.

When I came home and started to run the game through Houdini I couldn’t believe my eyes when it said 0.14. The thing is I didn’t see that his last move lets me to play Ke7, Bf7, Ke6 and then take his “e5” pawn. Without support of this pawn his knight can’t defend “h5” pawn anymore, and after following exchange of the “h” pawns his  remaining “a” and “c” pawns vs. my “c” pawns are not enough for a win. Unbelievable.

I also found out, that my advantage in the middlegame wasn’t worth much, just ~0.3. Of course I had good chances for a draw, even in the endgame his 2 last moves gave me this opportunity, which I didn’t use.