I played in the club in the new tournament. My opponent was an expert I played before, lost to him in Rossolimo. I had White again and decided to change decorations, so for the first time I played Closed Sicilian, here is the game.

I think I was OK after the opening, maybe Na4 wasn’t the best, Nd1 just looked passive.  Then I started to attack on the kingside by moving pawn “h”, he got some initiative on the queenside. I had to play a3 instead of Bf4, it would make my life easier later. I noticed it only after the move and then he played Qc7.

His g5 advance was very provoking. After 23… e5 I got afraid that I will be simply strangled after g4 and decided to sacrifice on g5. His Bh3 answer I think was the best and here I screwed up. I saw Bxf6 and Qh6 with double attack, but for some reason – or I didn’t see that after 25. Bxf6 Bxf6 26. Qh6 Bxf1 27. Qxf6 Bh3 I get the bishop back after a couple of checks or it was something else – I don’t remember,  I played 25. Re1. There was a perpetual and it was gone. He pointed to that line after the game. Interesting that attempt to catch the bishop after g4 ends very bad for White.

It was going only downhill after that, he defended very well and I was “shot down in flames”.  I was and still is really upset, one more time at the critical moment I didn’t see and calculate deep enough.