It was last Thursday, last round of the tournament and I was at +2. The opponent was unexpected, the old gentleman with whom I had 4 draws before. He never played the same opening with me, still I was a bit surprised by his 1… e5 and then by 2… Nf6, here is the game.  And then 5… Nc6, I looked at this line a long time ago. I remembered I have to play c4, then after Nb4 – Be2, but didn’t remember the details and didn’t want to end up with an isolated pawn. So I went along the second line. Anyway, after 11 moves the book ended and I thought that my pieces were placed a bit better. Then I saw his Nf4 coming, but didn’t want to play g3, Fritz disagrees with that.

I think my 18. Bf1 lost the initiative, he suggested after the game playing  18.  Bh7+ Kh8 19.  Rf3. Fritz likes it, though his 20… Nxg2 takes a bit out  of it, I think. Whatever happened in the game lead to a very equal position, I didn’t want to waste time and offered him a draw. He said something like he wishes to continue a bit, but then probably realized that there is nothing to play for and agreed. He was at +3, so it definitely wasn’t  a bad finish for him.

I was actually glad, because after recent rating losses it was a second tournament (the first finished on Monday) where I finished on +2 and could expect some gains.