I played again with the boy I already played 3 times. It was the first time I had White, here is the game. So Sicilian, Rossolimo variation. Usual plans that people try to pursue with Black are playing in the center or queenside. It looked like my opponent chose to use both. I knew that White’s kingside attack in Rossolimo often is more dangerous than these plans.

I was quietly maneuvering unless he suddenly played f5. I would expect f6, but not f5. I saw that I can attack weakness on e6 right away and decided not to take en-passant. My h4 caused h6 which stopped Ng5, but wasn’t good on the long run. I thought how I can attack and decided to play Nh2 (which Fritz criticized) in order to play g4 afterwards and then it struck me that I can play Qg3 and I saw the idea with Nxg6 sacrifice. He didn’t see it and Nxg6 followed. I don’t think he realized how serious his situation was, after he took a pawn on b2 his queen couldn’t help his king.

I looked for a decisive move and repeated moves couple of times. It’s funny that he offered me a draw at this moment, maybe thinking that I went for 3-fold, I smiled, said “no” and took on b2.  Then I thought that Qxe6 will be not strong enough and played Ng5. He continued ignoring the reality and played Qxc3. Then after Nxe6+ he resigned. Fritz then finds a mate in 8.