It was an unfortunate combination of me being far out of the city day before again, so tired the next day, the opening that I don’t know well, my positional lapses and opponent’s good play. It was a young guy, I had Black and it started as a Scotch game, here it is.

The line I went along – 6… Nd5 doesn’t have good stats. When I played Qh4 to cause g3, I never thought he will castle queenside because of the open “b” line. So, soon I found myself under attack. He didn’t find the best moves and after queens exchange I thought that my problems are over. I was considering 26… Re3, as Fritz suggests, but didn’t see his 27… Bc4 continuation.
Then I got greedy and took a pawn on g3. I completely underevaluated his threats. After that the game went downhill. Soon I realized that my king’s position will cost me the game. It was exactly what happened.