I prepared mostly for one specific opponent going to the club yesterday. I lost to him recently, very painfully and there was also another reason to try to win that game at all costs. I found that he plays 1. d4 … 2. c4 and that he lost 2 games playing against Benko. I prepared against the line (not very good one) that he played. I come to the club and here we go  – I get him. Of course Benko follows, here is the game.

On move 10 he deviates,  still I feel very confident and play accordingly. Maybe because of that, but rather him being not in very good shape, he misses a fork. It changes the character of play, since he now has a better control of e5, with my knight gone and rook + queen on “e” vertical.

My 17… Nb6 was not very good, Qb6 would keep a clear advantage. 20… e6 is not good either, creating weaknesses. Then I make a bad mistake playing 24… Ra6 and not seeing 25. Ng5. He doesn’t see it too .

His e5 looks like “hope chess” to me. I see that there is no immediate danger and take the pawn. After 28. Kh1 it was a funny moment, when I was so sure that I am better that I even wanted to stay under discovered attack and play Ra2, because I didn’t see where knight can jump to do the damage. Then a had a gut feeling, that it’s not good to stay under attack, he can play Nxg6 or something, so I decided to play cool Kg8. And exactly at that moment I saw Ng4+ (if king would stayed). That move back somehow dropped out of my attention. Can you imagine it?

And then he plays Nc7?? Of course, Ra2 follows and he resigns. He said that he saw Ra2 before, but then he forgot. The revenge could be better, but I’ll take it.