I played on Thursday with the guy, who had a strong attack in a game with me, but couldn’t finish it and I won after counterattack: https://rollingpawns.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/under-siege/ ‎

This time it was reversed scenario. I had White, it was a Modern defense which transformed into some kind of Sicilian Dragon, here is the game. I finally managed to play a long planned f4 on move 25, didn’t like his f5, though Fritz says it’s OK, but his next move – Kf7 was really bad. I saw that after exchanges on f5 his kingside will not look good. Then after 31. Qh5 the game was in my hands.

I thought that there is something better than Qxf5, that his king will be smothered in the corner after Rg8, something like that.
Then it was another obvious move – Nxe7, but it seems me I thought that after Nxe7 Qxe7 I’ll let his pieces to defend 7th horizontal, and then I just thought that I will lose a piece after Re8, not seeing that rook on g3 defends it.
Instead of that I played Re3, to defend ?? the bishop and right away to my horror I saw the discovered attack – Bf6. He looked and looked and didn’t see it. After his Rcf8 I quickly played Qh5, though I could still take on e7.

It was a critical point, after that I didn’t see how I can attack and my play went downhill. He counterattacked in the center, then forced queens exchange. I didn’t find the best defense and lost a pawn, and then underestimating his passed pawn forced bishops exchange and went into a bad rook endgame.
He didn’t play precisely and I missed a couple of chances to get a draw, I didn’t have much time at that moment. I stopped writing the moves, but he just won both my pawns and then his king went to help his “a” pawn, at that moment I resigned.