That’s what would I do (though with the different purpose than Jesus) if somebody would tell on the move 10-12 of this game that I would lose it.

I was 200+ km out of the city the day before, didn’t sleep enough, was very busy at work all Monday and didn’t prepare at all, not even warmed up. It’s not to defend my loss, but to explain why, for example, all the game I thought that I play with 1650+ rated, and after the game found he was 1855. I mixed him up with another guy.

I had White, here is the game. He played Caro-Kann, I chose Fantasy variation again.
He missed Bxf7 combination, his king lost a right to castle and I thought I got a big advantage, even bigger according to Fritz. I saw 12. Be3, but decided that I can do without Qxb2 and following complications, wrong.
Then after a few inaccurate moves I lost almost all my advantage. On move 24 I saw “removing the defender” combination and went for it. I wasn’t sure 28. Qxe5 is OK, still played it and soon started to think that I made a decisive mistake and will lose a piece.  I didn’t see any of the lines Fritz gives to prove that it was alright.
The character of the game changed after I lost the piece, though he gave me quite a few chances to almost equalize. My mood wasn’t good, I suddenly felt fatigue and I got into the time trouble, he had a few minutes more. When I had less than a 2 minutes I missed a mate in 2.