It was a last round of the tournament. After winning in the first round I lost 4 in row as a part of -6, =2 streak (in 2 clubs). Then I managed to win 3 in a row there (+5, -1 streak).  My rating was still going to go down, so I wanted to win that one too.
I prepared to play Benko against my opponent, young guy, but he didn’t play d5, so Benoni. Here is the game.
After 8… Qa5 he played 9. Bxf6 because of the threats Qxg5 and Ne4 . I started to feel good getting 2 bishops.
Then his Bf3 took me by surprise, I saw Rc5 coming and my d5 pawn defenseless, but after some thinking found Bf8.  On move 23 I could exchange his b4 pawn to my d5, but for some reason decided not to do it, the position looked unclear to me. Fritz think that I missed an advantage here.
Some maneuvering followed, then I executed f5, f4 plan. It worked very well and I felt that I have an advantage there. I played Rc4 to get a passed pawn and then saw that I can win d4 pawn. I realized that it will be an opposite-colored bishops endgame, but decided to try my luck there, not seeing anything better.
At that moment we had less than 2o minutes left each, time was almost equal during the whole game, with him having a few minutes more. Suddenly he blundered a pawn and his chances went down.
I got two connected passed pawns and after some delay (criticized by Fritz) finally played d4.  After d3 he resigned.
I will still lose about a dozen rating points despite +5, -4 result because average rating of my opponents was lower than mine, but I am glad that I could recover from a very bad situation.