I played with the girl, one of the top rated girls in her age category in Canada, placed quite a few times. She had White and started with Italian game, here is is. It went along the lines of the old variation, which I studied in the past. 9. bxc3 wasn’t the best move, 9. d5 is better.  After Bd3 I had to defend my knight and my f5 wasn’t the best either, I felt it later. Bishop on f5 looked unstable and undefended, but Fritz  shows it was OK, I just had to calculate a bit more.

As a result of the opening she was a pawn down with two bishops being some compensation for that. I thought that Bxe4 wasn’t a good move and Fritz confirms it. I saw that my bishop has nowhere to go after Ng5 (because of Qb3) and decided to concentrate on my knight.

I saw her Rab1 coming and thought that I can combine my planned Nc4 with a little trap – leaving pawn b7  en prise.  She couldn’t take it because of exchange on e3, then on f1 and Qa3+, but … she took. The game was over after that, but you know, kids play until the bitter end, they hope that something will happen. Nothing happened, except she lost another rook and then it was mate.