That’s what I said once to my kid. Yesterday was a good confirmation of that, here is the game.  It was one of the two guys I prepared against, but he didn’t play Scandinavian as I expected. He answered 1… e5 to my e4,  I was sure he will not play f6 on the second move, as he recently did, yes, he went instead for Philidor defense, but then still played f6 on the 3rd move.  1% games in the online DB, White scored about 90%. After 4.Bc4 we went along this game: for another 4 moves, strange that master would play this line, so he paid for it.

My 12. b4 was intended mostly to prevent him castling queenside. Then I started to play on the kingside too. His replies created more weaknesses and I got a feeling that his position is strategically lost. His counterattack on the kingside with h5, g4, Qh7 really didn’t have any base.

After 24. Nc7+ his queen was isolated and couldn’t help his king. It was time for the decisive attack. Interesting that I just studied with my kid a pin in Nimzovich’s “My system” and maybe it helped me to find 28. Rf1. He played 28. Bxd6 and I saw the mate coming after Nh4+.