It was a case when I didn’t get upset with Giuoco Pianissimo as I usually do when  I get it on FICS. After previous misadventures I thought it’s OK to play something quiet. So my opponent had White, here is the game.

Fritz approved my 9… Qd7, he didn’t risk to take on b7. 17… b5 wasn’t good, I didn’t see his Nc4, I just didn’t know what to do and defending b7 was annoying. His 18. d5 was losing a pawn without any compensation and I started to look optimistically into the future. After 24… Ne3 I didn’t find the next move 25… Nfd5 which according to Fritz was just winning. Then I missed a really nice combination – 27. Qxh4, which was winning a piece and a game.

Nevertheless in the following complications I managed to get into knight ending with a spare pawn. Of course it would be better for him to keep queens. I didn’t play precisely that ending, but in the end my remote passed pawn served it’s purpose and I had N+2P vs. N. It was a matter of technique, I managed to stay calm with my time decreasing (in the end I had about 5 minutes left). After he gave up his knight, I stopped writing the moves. I remembered that knight should stand behind the pawn (so if he takes the knight the pawn queens). When my king approached  the pawn, he resigned.