I  had White in this game, played against 1666 rated player. He didn’t play well the last half year, had before 1800+ rating. It was Caro-Kann, Fantasy variation, here is the game.  After I played 6. Bd3 I noticed that I can lose a pawn after 6.  …  dxe4 7.  fxe4 Nxe4 8. Bxe4 Qh4+, though Fritz says that Black’s advantage is minimal here . He didn’t see it.

I didn’t play e5 after his c5 and it lead to exchanges. Then I had a plan with moving “f” pawn, but his Rd6 kind of prevented it because on my f5 he could play e5 and I couldn’t play f6.

After 29 moves I got annoyed with this boring, half-defensive play and decided to play f5. I planned to play Qe8+ and Re1 if exf5, and gxf5 just seemed risky for him. We both had about 25 minutes left. Nevertheless he played gxf5. His Qd5 took the square e5 from my queen and I noticed that Qe3 is answered by e5 and then rook goes to g6. I had to move my queen to avoid exchange after Qe1+and played Qa6. In a few moves the rooks were exchanged and he, probably seeing perpetual Qd8+, Qg5+,  played f4. After I took h7 pawn he decided to go for perpetual himself and offered a draw. We both had about 15 minutes left.

Not a very good play, but I think not as bad as I played before.