My opponent on Monday was an expert, couple of years ago he even shortly reached 2200. It was I think the first time when I was outplayed in the opening in my favorite Rossolimo variation of Sicilian.  He said after the game that he successfully played a few times against this variation (with e6), even saw DVD.  Anyway, I  am White, here is the game.

I missed his f5,  saw it when it was late to prevent and my troubles started from there. Then useless move Ne4, I didn’t see that I can’t take on c5 after d5 because of d4. I felt like my queen couldn’t move to d2 because of Rxf3 and to e2 because of Nf4. I tried to find some counterplay, but d4 was a very bad idea. I saw Rxf2 as soon as I played Kg1 and the game was effectively over after that.

He pointed after the game to Qe2 move, yes it’s move 6 in the main line for White. I used that idea successfully 9 months ago against Sicilian 2… e6, but completely forgot about it. I saw Caruana’s game, he after Be3 played Nd2,  with f4 being a possibility, though never played it ( f5 wasn’t played either).