My opponent yesterday had about the same rating as me and had White. It was 5th time I played Anglo-Grunfeld ( -2,+1, =1), last game a draw against expert, but I don’t remember when I was last time so badly outplayed in any opening. Here is the game.

My 6… e5 was a novelty and not a good one. He prevented my castle after Ba3 and created a strong pressure. He missed a couple of opportunities, we both saw the best moves Β – d4, f5, but played them later than it was necessary. Finally I gave up a pawn and released pressure. I saw that the rooks exchange was practically forced. He missed the last opportunity to keep the advantage when played 24. Qc4 instead of 24.Qb4. When we exchanged the bishops I saw that if he tries to win material I will have perpetual. That actually happened and I forced the draw.

Frankly, I was very happy with the draw after such a siege and I have to admit that the guy played very well, thinking a lot and finding good attacking moves. But he didn’t deliver the final blow and that allowed me to escape.