My opponent yesterday was exactly the person I expected, expert from the top of my section. But the opening wasn’t what I had prepared, he played King’s gambit instead of Trompovsky attack, here is the game. It was a first time I played OTB against King’s gambit, I realized that he wants to crush me and decided to play Nimzowitsch countergambit, I played it blitz lately with good results. I was feeling well after the opening, thought I was somewhat better. Fritz confirmed that and said that I missed a good move 17… Qb5, winning a pawn and getting ~1.8 advantage.

Suddenly he sacrificed an exchange on e4. It was actually unsound combination, in all lines I was getting that extra piece that he won back and was up an exchange. I didn’t fully use his mistake missing again 21… Qb5 and the position was rather equal with me having 0.5 advantage, but my weak pawns and solid placement of his pieces would probably lead to a draw.

Then I made two mistakes in a row, first missing his attack of g7 pawn and then giving it up in hope to create threats to his king. The last one proved to be fatal, I never recovered from it. His “f” pawn became very strong, it was supported by all the pieces including his king. My bishop was out of play. By the way Fritz’s  estimation of 41. Nf5 as 0.00 is probably a bug, because if  I run analysis from this point I get something like 9.00. I noticed that I have only 3.5 minutes remaining and stopped writing the moves. When we both had a bit more than 2 minutes each I resigned seeing mate in 1.

Of course I was disappointed, because when I was up an exchange I thought I was going to win. I overestimated my chances, as I said before it was probably a draw and then thought too much about h5, activating my bishop and defending my passed pawn. I forgot that my opponent also can have some plans and that he won’t go down easy.