I was exhausted when I came to club yesterday after a long and eventful day, but having enough time before the game was able to gather myself up. Playing White with a player from the bottom of the section was helpful too. It was Sicilian and I went for my favorite Moscow variation, here is the game. I played pretty fast, he too. Then his d5 slowed me down. First I felt disappointed since I know that it usually leads to equalizing by Black. Then I started to think and found Nf5. I also remembered from one of the past games that a dark-colored bishop can be strong for White, so it helped me to see Bb6. He lost the pawn and didn’t want to exchange the queens.

After 19. Bd4 I felt that I will win and just tried to play accurately. With my queen on the a1-h8 diagonal there was a motif of Nh6+, forcing him to give up the queen. Rc8 was losing a piece by force,  so soon he resigned.