I played yesterday, it looks like my mojo returns, though slowly and painfully. It was a guy rated 1600, I got White, here is the game. He played Scandinavian and we went into 3… Qd6 variation. After his Bg4 I played the line that I used almost 1.5 year ago at the Labour Day tournament. I got advantage then, but didn’t use it and finally lost. I remembered the  ideas from analysis of that game and decided to use it here. He played fast, but then started to think more, trying to avoid exchange on g6 with getting isolated e6 pawn. I think he thought too much, because eventually he blundered and lost the bishop for the pawn. I played confidently even before that, so you can imagine my mood after. I quickly played  move that I prepared before – 20. Qc4 and then saw Bxe5 right away. OK, I thought, I lost a pawn, I am still better. So, I played O-O-O pretty fast and then after his Bf4+ suddenly realized that I lose a piece. After some shock I decided that if he played without a piece, why can’t I play without 2 pawns?

I got really mad and started to play fast, but seeing the board well, like in blitz when you catch your wave and you go winning 9 out of 10 games. I got initiative on the queenside and I thought at one moment that it worth at least one pawn, maybe both. Fritz later agreed with that. It gave me strength and I continued to attack his king. He got behind on time, though it still was enough.Then as soon as I thought maybe he will play Rb8, he did exactly that. The rest was well-known to me queen sacrifice. He resigned after it.

Of course there was that huge collapse in the middle of the game, when I blundered twice in a row, but I hope it was residual phenomenon. At least, I am fully satisfied with my play in the opening and starting from the move 23.