I definitely wasn’t lucky on that evening. First, after hanging out in the club and talking to the people for 35 minutes I found that for some mysterious reason I got a bye. So I complained, pairings were changed and I got an opponent that I beat a couple of times quite some time ago. OK, I wait, he is not coming, then see his brother.  I realize that the guy won’t come, otherwise he would be already here. This time TD notices lonely me himself, another scramble, then after some time I get an opponent from 2000+ section, actually he is just above 1900. It’s a boy, I had 2 draws with him, one recently.

I am White, Petroff again, here is the game.  We go along the same variation, then he deviates, I don’t like his Bd7. He plays c5 again and I follow the previous game, where I had an isolani. Fritz says that here the best was d5, I agree now. I see that he can play  Bg4 after 16th and 17th move and get me into trouble, he misses it. Then he offers queen exchange, I proceed, since it looks good and then play Ne5 to get rid of my isolated pawn, which is under pressure. After my passive h3  I see that I can’t defend a2 pawn after Be6 with Re2 as planned because of Bd4.  Fritz says it’s even worse than I thought and I could lose a piece after Ra3.  I decide to activate my pieces and get an idea of exchanging my light-colored bishop to his dark-colored foreseeing a possible rooks exchange. He advances his pawns and suddenly plays 36… Rc2. I think he made a mistake, quickly exchange rooks, take the pawn and then see Bd5. As Russian expression says – it’s like “thunder in the clear sky”. I see all my pawns go down, make “just move” Kd3 and then find Fritz’s idea – Bf2 with h4, decreasing the number of pawns on the board.

He has an essential time advantage, about 22-24  minutes vs my 11-12. I take b4 pawn and hope to get back with my king on time. I have a bit more than 5 minutes left when I make a crucial mistake – Bf1 instead of Bf2. It is one of my most horrible (though innocently looking) endgame mistakes. He wins a bishop for the “h” pawn and it ends the game.