I played yesterday in the old club with the young guy from the new one. I knew that his rating is about 1650. I got White for the second time, he played Modern Defense, here is the game. I have to say that I my  score against Pirc  is  -2 and this is somewhat similar, so definitely something I don’t like to deal with. Nevertheless he developed very slowly and I missed a Bxf7 sacrifice on the fifth move, that would for sure lead to a completely different result. After the game he said that he noticed it, I didn’t see it. I had a difficulty to find an active plan and soon my play was defined by reacting to his f5 attack. Fritz says I was actually OK and could even get better position. I tried to defend and consolidate my position. When he castled queenside  and then thought a lot after 23. Ne2, having as a result just 30 minutes left vs my 45, I decided that his attack is gone and now is my turn.

That was a big mistake, not the plan, but the relaxation. I blundered his Nh4+ (Fritz says Nxf3 was even stronger). It was like I lost a critical screw in my construction and it started to fall apart. I didn’t realize I had to give up an exchange, then after 27. Nxd2 saw that he can capture both my knights and follow with fxg3, hxg3, Qh3+, … going into endgame with 2 spare pawns. I tried to prevent it, miscalculated and blundered again with Nxd4 . I lost a piece, his attack became pretty straightforward. I had just a bit more than 5 minutes when I made a final mistake, letting him to create a mate threat.

I was very, very upset after the game. I really don’t know why I played so badly, again I see just one moment when after a long defense I thought that I am going to intercept the initiative and relaxed.