This time I came too early into the new club. So I went to the store, then it was lecture for about 45 minutes that’s probably why I felt tired when the game started. My opponent was 1800+, from the old club, never played with him. Here is the game.

I had Black, we played some Queen’s pawn line, I played fast for some reason and pretty early I got under pressure. After 17. … Rb8 I suddenly noticed that besides the standard combination 18. Nxd5 Qxd2 19. Ne7+ giving nothing to White  which I checked a few times before, there is also Nf6+ that looks pretty bad for Black. I tried to keep a poker face and he didn’t see it. Fritz says I was simply losing the game after 18. Nxd5. It didn’t get much easier, I was under attack. I saw 22. e6 coming and thought that the game will be probably lost. Strange, but he missed this and other possibilities too and did a regrouping.

Then he made a crucial mistake from my point of view by playing 32. g5 (though Fritz only rates it as -1). I got the initiative and started to play well. I didn’t take right away the exchange he offered, because I saw that it will leave him with 2 bishops, my threats will evaporate, and I wanted to attack, not grind. After Qa3 I saw that Rxb2+ wins on the spot, Fritz later said that there was even a mate in the end. As Russian expression says: “Everything is good that ends good”.