It was a first round in the new club and I got a “C” class player, young guy. I had White, he played Caro-Kann, here is the game. I went, of course, for Fantasy variation, having +1, =1 with higher rated. His 3rd move was a surprise and my answer Ne2 was played just once, with a draw. Crafty said something  about losing a pawn after 7. Be2, with his pieces attacking pinned knight on c3, but Fritz says that I am better in all the lines. He made a couple of slow moves and I realized that I can attack his pawn on g7. It provoked f6, and I started to think that my position is better. I decided that opening the position a bit won’t hurt and played exd5. After exchanges I missed 12. Bb5+ (instead of Bf4), he pointed at it after the game. He criticized his move Ng6 too, me and Fritz agree, but I don’t like how Fritz plays O-O-O, I would destroy the guy after him castling queenside.

His king got stuck in the center and then after 18… Nge7  I  found Bxe7, winning on the spot. He quickly took it by knight and after my fork shook his head with some expressions about his “quality” of play. The game ended after a few moves, I felt a bit uncomfortable and decided to do a post-mortem to explain a few things to the guy, it was useful for me too as I already mentioned above.