This quote, belonging to Savielly Tartakower, pretty much describes my last game, here it is. I played yesterday in the new club.  I got the boy with whom I played recently in the old club and won the lost game after he started to make mistakes in the time trouble. I was Black again and as in the first game didn’t want to try his aggressive Italian game variation and went for Petroff. Right away it transformed into Four Knights game. I never was a fan of it, but half a year ago won a game with Black. I had to play 5…. Bb4, considered it, but for some silly reason which I don’t remember played d6 instead. So I got into a this kind of a position that you get in Ruy Lopez, Old Steinitz variation. I often get it online with White and have about 80% score, the difference is that here I had Black. The perspectives after f4 didn’t look too bright, but I saw Nxe4 strike, though before the castle it was premature. We castled, after h6 he played Bh4 and here we go. After winning a pawn maybe I relaxed a bit and didn’t expect his Ne7+, probably because of the ghost of knight on c6. He got his pawn back.

Then on move 22 I didn’t notice his Nxf7, after which, though I got the pawn back taking on b2, I had a feeling that his pieces were more active and my king was not as safe as before. I decided not to hold to my central pawns seeing that “d” pawn is easily blocked by the knight.

The time was going, I had about 20 minutes left and he a bit less when he quickly took on d4 with his rook. It was a decisive tactical blunder, after Qxd4 he tried Qxa8 but when Qf2 followed he resigned.