In lieu of my OTB game(s) I decided to submit one of my blitz games, you can see it here. This game demonstrates the power of queen and knight playing together. We know that they work well together, but I was just amazed again how well that actually could be. The game that was equal becomes lost for White when Black queen gets into White’s territory. Soon after that moment Black plays 35… Bf6-h4+

White lost after 36. Nxh4 Qxe1, it loses in other variations too:

I.  36. Kxh4 Qxf3 37. Ne7+ Kh7 and White can’t prevent 38… g5#:

II. 36. Kh2 Qxf3 37. Ne7+ Kf8 38. Qf1 Bg3+ 39. Kg1 Bf2+ with mate on 45th move.