After suffering a very painful defeat 8 months ago in the club from a 270 lower rated player in French, Steinitz variation:
I didn’t play French OTB at all.
A few days ago I played Steinitz variation in a blitz game:
In this game I didn’t play on the queenside.  I played f6 early and then executed a typical positional exchange sacrifice on f3.  It was Fritz’s first choice, by the way, though Fritz only gave it 0.25.  But after winning the second pawn I was better and then my opponent allowed a combination leading to a royal fork and it was over. That win kind of reminded me about the French. The thing is, I can’t be sure that in response to 1… e5 I would get my Ruy, it can be anything, for example Scotch, in which I lost recently.
So maybe I should resume my French play, alternating it with 1… e5. Maybe I should try different variations or just try to learn on my experience.