On Thursday I played in the 1st round of the new tournament.
I was Black, my opponent was middle-aged guy, 1600+ rated.
I played Benko, for the 4th time and it was my best game with it,  here it is.
On the 7th move he went for the wrong line and lost a pawn in 2 moves.
The position didn’t look quite like typical Benko with my “f7”, “f6” pawns and bishop on e7 unless he exchanged his dark-colored bishop to my centralized knight. My dark-colored bishop went to h8-a1 diagonal and I initiated pressure on his weak “a” pawn. Eventually he couldn’t defend that pawn, so tried to get some chances on “b” line. I defended and then got decisive counterplay with the two pawn breakthroughs in the center, and my rook attacking on “a” line. He was also in time trouble having about 5 minutes left, I had about 20. Then  I saw the line winning the rook with a mate following in a few moves.  When he was about to lose a rook he resigned, funny that there actually was a mate in 1 that I overlooked quickly following that line. He had a bit more than 1 minute, I had ~15.