I played yesterday in the last round of the Club championship. It was a guy rated about the same as me,  I was White, here is the game. The game reminded me of the game I played year and a half ago:
It was also Petroff  (though I played Black) and my bishops allowed me to win in the middlegame (this time their strength showed also in the endgame). I got some advantage in the opening, maybe Petroff was an opening experiment for my opponent, at least I didn’t see in DB him playing it before. He gave me two bishops, I increased pressure and was able to win a central pawn, then I forced exchange of the queens and got a 2B vs. B+N endgame with passed pawn on d5 and very good chances to win. The bishops supported advancing of the pawn, they were very strong. After my opponent gave up a knight for the pawn, he still continued to play unless he had just a king.
After not playing well in the last 3 rounds  I really tried to get myself together (I even came to the club 40 minutes before the game, walked in the park, etc.) and I am glad that I finished the tournament on a good note. I got 5 out of 9 and my rating is going back to “A”.