I played on Thursday and lost to an expert, rated 3rd in our section, still stings. Here is the game.  He was White and played 1. e4, then went for some setup with d3 and c4. He pushed aggressively his pawns on the queenside, then on the kingside.
Then after I counter-attacked with h5, and in the center with c6 and d5, he spent a lot of time and got behind by ~20 minutes.
He blundered with 24. d4 and then made a crucial mistake with 26. f5. My answer was prepared, but I completely didn’t expect that he will not move his queen, which was attacked by the knight on c3.
The line with Nxe2+ was winning, it was a consequence of the fact, that play opened with his king exposed,  that’s what I intended by playing d5. But I greedily took his queen, not even completely realizing that he gets 3 minor pieces for that. Anyway, I thought I was better, Fritz confirms it, but the situation on the board changed, his passed pawn and bishops were very strong and it required very precise moves from me. I first played a bad move 34…Re6, losing my advantage, and then made a crucial mistake by playing 39…Qa3. He was in the time trouble, so I played until the bitter end (these moves are not worth posting), getting mated with his flag hanging.
After the game in the post-mortem he overestimated his flank advances, but said that he was happy to get 3 pieces for the queen, so I have to admit that he estimated the position better than me and swindled me with 27. fxg6.