I played against an expert tonight,  second rated guy in our section.
He was 20 minutes late.  He was White and played Reti opening,  here is the game.
I tried again to transform it to Anglo-Grunfeld.
Funny thing, already his 5th move was a surprise to me.  I thought for a while, and only at home I realized why he looked at me with a bit of something like despise.  It was a fist choice move. Anyway, I found the right reply, later too, following the 1st line until move 11.  It was actually him, who played first a second choice move – 12.Qxe7.
I went a bit along the game – Xu Hanbing (2235) vs. Dembo (2341), ½-½,  then continued my own way just trying to equalize  (not without success).  On move 21 we had completely equal position, I had 1 hour,  he – 40 minutes.  He offered a draw, and since the position was simple my time advantage wasn’t important, so I agreed.