It is not a fantasy :),  I defeated an expert in Caro-Kann,  fantasy variation, delivering a Boden’s mate after rook sacrifice on move 23. Here is the game, I was White. It was the same guy a drew a few months ago with him having 30 seconds left on the clock. After some struggle where I never was worse, we came to a position, where I had some pressure and two bishops. After 21. Rxd6 I noticed that if the knight won’t be on e5, there is a possibility of Boden’s mate (mate with two bishops, I remembered the pattern, not the name at that moment).  Still it was a bit of shock when he played 22…Nf7. I checked again and played 22. Rxc6+, he resigned. He was very nice afterwards (as during/after our first game), not only doing post-mortem, but also showing a few guys how he got mated. If not this combination, I planned to use my two bishops (don’t know if I would succeed), Fritz gave me half a pawn advantage.