It’s a third time I played Anglo-Grunfeld OTB, second in the last 3 games. I lost the first 2 games, but not in the opening, so I tried again. This time I won, here is the game. My opponent was rated 340 lower than me, but the game wasn’t easy. He was OK in the opening, then on 15th move he made a mistake allowing me to weaken his kingside. I tried to use that weakness, spending a lot of time, but he put up a pretty good resistance. On move 21 I sacrificed a pawn, keeping the attack tempo, but he didn’t accept it,  Fritz is OK with this sac.  On move 28 he could use the unstable position of my knight, but he didn’t see it. In the end we had 22-23 minutes each,  it was going tough and I wasn’t sure at all that I will win. But he made a mistake, then another – decisive one, and a little combination finished the game.