I played in the last round yesterday and it was as bad as all the tournament.  First I didn’t even want to post this game, but then thought – what the hell,  maybe somebody will tell me what is wrong with me.
I slept less than 5 hours before that day and I think it affected the second half of the game, when I wasn’t thinking clearly under position/time pressure, but I can’t write off everything on that.
I was Black and played with that guy half a year ago:
https://rollingpawns.wordpress.com/2009/06/16/french-tarrasch-spoiling-for-a-fight convincingly beating him. It was one of my best games and this one is one of the worst. Here is the game.
He starts 1. c4, I answer Nf6, then after 2. e3 I realize that  I can’t play my Benko,  so I play kind of Grunfeld. I feel good after the opening, he makes a strange move 15. Kf2,  so I decide to exploit the position of his king.
It seems me that I can win a pawn after 22… Qxg4 23. hxg4 Bxd4 24. exd4 e3, but I delay it, not wanting to exchange queens. Fritz says, that the combination is wrong.
I miss a good move 24… Qd7, which would give me a pawn and a clear advantage.  His 34. d5 is unexpected and intercepts the initiative, though actually only leads to equal position.  But I am on the wrong foot and allow his queen to penetrate into my territory.  I hate these positions, with my king on the open, and here under time pressure – I have less that 15 minutes vs. his 50, I finally make a mistake, lose a pawn and on the next move make another, horrific mistake, which I noticed only at home, allowing him to make a skewer in 2 moves and win my queen. He doesn’t see it, but my position gets worse anyway.  I make a desperate attempt to counterattack, getting close to his king, it’s already blitz for me.  It ends up with me losing material and getting into lost queen endgame with him having 2 extra pawns. I play until he forces exchange of the queens, leaving him with 2 pawns, one of which queens. I resign with my flag almost falling.
I finish the tournament on -2 and will lose more than 50 rating points, that will bring my rating below 1800.