Another game reminding me the past one,  also loss to essentually lower rated player in 28 moves:
This time it wasn’t the result of unexpected/unknown opening.
Vice versa,  I prepared to this opening, knowing that about half of my possible
opponents play Nc3 in French. I prepared to Steinitz, went through my 2 OTB games, also looked at some GM games. But when I got the main Boleslavsky variation  – 7. Be3
( here is the game), I realized that I didn’t get a good look at it  (and never played it before) and didn’t go into details of  the Karjakin-Carlsen game played 2 days ago where Carlsen won against this variation.  Nevertheless I was OK after the opening and even won a pawn. Then something very unexpected started to happen.
I knew that I should refrain from castling kingside, as I can get under attack. I wanted to prevent f5, so I played 17… g6. After 18. Ng5 I didn’t like the possible sac Nxf7 with f5 following, so I decided to castle. Fritz says that 18… Qb6 would diffuse that threat. After 19. Qg4 I thought that the knight is dangerous, wanted to exchange it by 19… Bxg5, but hesitated and decided to play Nc6.  20. f5 was shocking and though Bxg5 was still OK, the whole line that I calculated – 20…Bxg5 21. Bxg5 Qe8 defending e6 was bad, also I played it quickly, then realized that my rook is trapped.
21… Qb6 was again saving the day, leaving him with 0.8.
After f6 and Rf4 I got a very bad feeling that I will probably lose the game. That was right, I resigned a few moves later after the thematic queen sacrifice.
Funny, that I made the same sac about a year ago.
I want to draw serious conclusions out of this game.  I knew he plays Ruy/Chigorin,  so I could play  1… e5 and definitely won’t lose, especially if I would get my Marshall. Still, I don’t want to give up French just because I couldn’t defend properly.  I could have learned, of course, that Qb6 is a typical move in this variation (it’s actually a typical French move).  And again I hurried to make a prepared move, forgetting about the principle that I mentioned in the previous post – spend 15% of the time looking at the final candidate.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.