My game yesterday reminded me the game that I played 8 months ago:
A boy also rated 300 lower,  not the best shape of mine  (though different reason – I
slept 2 hours the night last but one before the game playing this %^&*$#@ blitz on FICS and less than 7 hours of sleep next night didn’t compensate that)  and decisive mistake in the endgame missing the win.
I’ll call it reboot of  “All screwed up” (in mass media it means to a discard much or even all previous continuity in the series and start anew with fresh ideas – bad ideas in this case :)).
So, I was White, Sicilian,  my favorite Moscow variation, here is the game.
I played fast in the familiar position (10 minutes for the first 15 moves), too fast and missed winning an exchange on move 15 , though Fritz doesn’t think much of it (I am leaving my opponent with a strong dark-colored bishop). Then on the next move I really missed winning an exchange with 16. Nd5 with an estimate ~3.  It wasn’t that obvious though. Then his 21. Na5 looked wrong to me, and I saw winning 2 pieces for a rook and pawn. I was afraid of the move 25… Qd4, but he missed it, still Fritz evaluates it as 1.18. During the next moves my advantage grew and we go into the endgame with him having 2 rooks vs. my rook and 2 minor pieces. I tried to win his weak pawn, at the same time didn’t want to let his rook on the second row and here I made a bad mistake, allowing him to win my pawn with a simple strike. I think I had less than 15 minutes on the clock at that time, he had about the same. Fritz drops the evalution from ~4 to 0.  Still later there was a moment when if I would play differently – 60. Nf5 I could win his rook for the passed pawn and get K+N+B vs. K endgame. The thing is I have very remote idea how to mate, except that I should force his king into the corner of the same color as the bishop. Having 5 minutes left I am not sure I would win.
Strange, but I am not very upset, the game was very educational from the opening to the endgame, so I’ll try to get maximum out of it.