I recently played an interesting endgame. After not playing very well, I was without piece, but managed to exchange all the pawns.  The game went into rook + knight vs. rook endgame. It’s a draw, but there are a few examples where the stronger side won. You should keep your king away from the corner, your rook far to avoid forks and be able to give checks and pin enemy’s knight.  Here is one famous example of win, Polgar vs. Kasparov, Polgar blundered on move 79:


Here is another example: Onischuk – Dominguez Perez, 41st Festival GM Biel SUI, 2008


Onischuk has handled the position flawlessly for 34 moves.
Now comes the catastrophe: 88.Rd7??  Allows mate in eight! 88…Kc2 89.Ka3 Nc6 90.Ka4 Rb4+ 91.Ka3 Rb5 and White will be mated in four more moves.

Here is my game,  I tried to stay out of the trouble and finally my opponent repeated the moves.