Another game on Thursday, against guy rated 1766.
When I saw the pairings I got a bit angry, because I lost to this guy in summer tournament.  It was a very painful loss, I didn’t even post the game: , game 4.

So, I was White, Sicilian, Moscow variation and a new line – 4. Bxd7+ Nxd7.  Here is the game. Funny that I prepared that line against one 1600+ guy I thought I’ll play with. I played fast, and got advantage in time. My positional advantage was clear,  but I didn’t see 18. Bxf6, then made another not very good move 21. Nb5 and by move 29 we went into the endgame B+N vs. B+N, with me having “c” and him “a” passed pawns.
On move 38 I thought about sacrificing a pawn – 38. Kd3 Ne1 39. Kd4 Nxg2, but didn’t see a clear advantage and played it safe. Fritz didn’t like much that sac. Then the guy made a crucial mistake 41… Nc4 not seeing my bishop sacrifice. In a few moves he was without a piece and could simply resign not playing until move 60, when mate in 3 was coming.